Ziad Ashkar
Junior Account Manager

‘The PR Guy’ as he is affectionately known in his native Beirut, Ziad is the Ace of Spades in our deck because he always has a card up his sleeve. Usually up to something, his vibrant personality and infectious enthusiasm makes him a key player in the Gambit team.

Leading on Gambit’s Tech and Automotive clients, Ziad has experience on a range of multinationals including Ferrari, Help AG, Jeep, Bacardi, Philip Morris, Lamborghini, Jaguar and OralGen, in addition to talent management for local music artists.

A Graduate from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration, Ziad is a skilled public speaker who enjoys volunteer work in his spare time. His active lifestyle and connections with influencers and celebrities has given him a loyal 10,000+ following on Instagram, where he is the lucky owner of the @Ziad  handle.