Mohammad Al Sayed
Seinor Account Executive

Automotive & Luxury comms specialist with an enviable track record of clients including Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Dodge, Meraas and The Ritz-Carlton, with whom he was an integral part of the award-winning regional campaign for The Ritz-Carlton Grand Tour.

MBA graduate from the University of Dubai, with an Engineering degree from the University of Sharjah, Mohammad is Gambit’s Joker card because he’s the man for every occasion. His career has taken him into a variety of roles including engineering contractor, events executive for Mont Blanc, brand and in-mall activations, Ipsos researcher handling data entry and collection, and an Expo 2020 and Paralympics volunteer.

A keen traveler and footballer, Mohammad was born and raised in the UAE but took a one-year hiatus in Germany to experience living abroad before returning to Gambit earlier this year.