Chess [noun]:

is the ultimate game of planning and strategy, the sport of intellectuals, and is rumored to have been invented right here in the Middle East over 15 centuries ago.

Gambit [noun]:

  • An opening move in chess where a risk is taken to secure an advantageous position.
  • An action or set of actions you carry out in order to gain an advantage in a situation or game.
  • A remark made to start a conversation with someone

What Is Gambit?

Gambit Communications is a consultancy founded by Jamal Al Mawed bringing together experienced communications talent spanning agency and client side, corporate and consumer, regional and international.

We aim to be the region’s first ‘premium’ agency, in that we hire only the best of the best  at every experience level. Our unique business model allows us to pay for the best and retain the best without passing that cost on to the client.

Our aim is to offer you the strategic thinking, digital acumen, communications expertise,  creative executions, influencer relations and practical thinking that will allow you to achieve your business objectives, start conversations and stay one move ahead of your competition.

The Players: Our Team

Jamal Al Mawed
Founder and Managing Director

Kathleen Burbridge
Account Director

Tony Sidgwick
Account Director

Mirna Tamimi
Senior Account Manager

Dalia Baddar
Account Manager

Rahaf Awad
Account Manager

Ziad Ashkar
Junior Account Manager

Rana Saleeby
Head of Arabic

Mohammad Al Sayed
Senior Account Executive

Crystal Tanios
Junior Account Manager

Ihab Yousef
Senior Account Executive

Suzana Saoud
Account Executive

Judy Bakieh
Influencer Relations Executive

Dana Alomar
Junior Account Executive

Olufunke Akinwumi
Administrative Assistant

The Game: Our Services

Public Relations

Thought Leadership Media Relations Crisis Communications Media Training

CSR Strategies Event Management Editorial Services Strategic Planning

Social Media

Content Planning Campaign Management Monitoring & Analysis Page Management

Influencer Engagement

Content Development Creative Executions Visual Communication

Skill Level: Our Brand Experience

“Of the modes of persuasion  furnished by the spoken word  there are three kinds: Ethos…  Pathos…Logos…”

– Aristotle

Ethos: Character & Credibility

Pathos: Appeal to Emotions

Logos: Appeal to Logic

Gambit’s ‘Ethos’: Our Character and Credibility


Let’s Play

Gambit Communications


Gambit Communications HQ, Damac XL Tower, Office 402, Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

PO Box
48104, Dubai


+9714 578 6446